Artists that have exhibited

Most of the artists represented by the Eagles Nest Gallery come from the Geelong-Otway region.

The stunning beauty of the Surfcoast and outer lying areas provide inspiration to these artists who are privileged to be able to produce their works in such a tranquil environment. Being able to capture such talented people provides the gallery with a very eclectic and varied selection of artworks, including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, studio glass and handcrafted jewellery.

  • Pamela Reid

Pamela Reid

Melbourne-based Pamela has been visiting Aireys Inlet for more than 30 years. A fervour for art and photography from childhood took back seat as she pursued a career in advertising (Australia and UK) and then in artist management within the […]

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  • Susan Romyn

Susan Romyn

Considered one of the best and most sought after artists in the district, Susan trained as a printmaker and then progressed to vibrantly coloured canvases, which reflect her place in her seaside home town. The layers and textures used in each […]

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  • Peter Day

Peter Day

Peter’s affinity with land and sea country is the inspiration for over three decades of sculpture, furniture making and artwork. The direction of his designs is related and often mirrors his passion for the environment. Sculpture materials […]

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  • Anita Barrett

Anita Barrett

The best description of Anita’s work is impressionistic with a more abstract format. The paint is brushed on, then while still wet, scratched in areas to form an image. Another style Anita likes to use is to layer paint to build it up, then […]

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  • Jane Kempe

Jane Kempe

Visual artist Jane Kempe paints richly coloured yachtscapes, abstract works and seascapes. She is renowned around Australia and recognized internationally for her bright colours, glossy surfaces and loads of texture. Her client list includes […]

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  • Lynette Palmer

Lynette Palmer

Over the last seven years, Lynette has concentrated on printmaking. Her preference is printing with lino as she is able to achieve strong lines using this technique. Lynette also works with watercolour and pastel.

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  • Irene Majer

Irene Majer

Irene is an award winning contemporary artist who is inspired by the colours, shapes and movement found in the environment.  She incorporates a variety of mediums to create unique techniques and strives to achieve richness, depth and luminosity […]

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  • Craig Penny

Craig Penny

Multi award-winning artist Craig Penny produces iconic images of the Australian landscape and seascape. His work usually rendered in acrylic paints is captivating, evoking the colours and moods of this astonishingly beautiful country. “For […]

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  • Jacki Burke

Jacki Burke

Jacki is inspired by everyday surroundings, the environment, dreams, colours, experiences, music and people. Her eye catching work is rendered mainly in oils but she sometimes uses other mediums as well. The pieces are seductive allowing views […]

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  • Lindsay Womersley

Lindsay Womersley

The inspiration for Lindsay’s creativity is gained by living near the sea. However, he retains his interest and enthusiasm in outback and heritage buildings and the Australian landscape travelling on extensive trips in search of reference. […]

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  • Jenny Scholes

Jenny Scholes

As an artist, Jenny always paints images that are meaningful to her. She paints what she loves using a broad range of techniques and methods.  She enjoys abstracting and painting on large contemporary canvases with bold colour and loose strokes […]

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  • Eddie Warhurst

Eddie Warhurst

Eddie Warhurst is an expressive artist who paints landscapes of the Mallee region and inland Australia and more lately seascapes. Native birds and animals are prominent in his paintings. He does not consider himself a painter of birds in the […]

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  • Jill Ray

Jill Ray

Jill has strong connections with surfing and has spent many hours observing the ocean. She has been totally in awe of the ocean’s beauty and, in her paintings, she strives to capture its constantly changing moods: tranquil one minute, black […]

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  • Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton

Sara’s vibrant treatment of subject matter using vivid colour and contemporary form gives her paintings a unique, expressive style. Born in the UK and growing up in an artistic and creative family environment, she chose painting as her medium. […]

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  • Peter Smales

Peter Smales

Peter Smales was born in London in 1958 and arrived in Australia in 1966. He started painting in his early teens, receiving early encouragement from the watercolourist C.Dudley Wood and the well known portrait painter, Sir William Dargie. He […]

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  • Sara Clarke

Sara Clarke

Sara’s unique artwork is created by using alcohol inks. Each work, which is non-replicable, is based on simple circular shapes but inspiring visualization for the viewer. Everyone sees something different in each painting. Sara loves working […]

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  • Moyra Le Blanc Smith

Moyra Le Blanc Smith

Highlighting the fragility of our natural world and the need to preserve it for future generations is Moyra’s goal. By painting beautiful natural subjects she hopes she can bring an awareness of the environmental concerns facing Australia. […]

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  • Leah Mariani

Leah Mariani

Leah is an award winning Melbourne artist, producing prints, paintings and mixed media. Her current series of lino prints are bright and colourful depicting siblings and friends who dress similarly.

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  • Adam Stanley

Adam Stanley

Adam is a seascape artist who spends most of his time on coastlines looking for the perfect wave to paint. The pristine Australian coastline is where he finds his inspiration. Adam’s unique style stems from being self taught and often expressing […]

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  • Jan Verouden

Jan Verouden

Jan is a talented glass artist from the Otways region. Her background in on-glaze painting and watercolour has inspired her to produce amazing bowls, platters and vases which are kiln-fired. She creates unusual backgrounds and different painting […]

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  • Vish Goddard

Vish Goddard

Vish is an Australian artist of Indian heritage known mainly for her abstract work. Her portfolio consists of floral, botanical, architectural, landscape and marine abstracts and illustrations. Coming from a background of architecture and fashion […]

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  • Robert Knight

Robert Knight

Robert’s goal as an artists to convey a message of beauty that he sees in his everyday life, through the mediums of painting and drawing. His styles varies from realist contemporary to design oriented format. Robert paints spiritual landscapes […]

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  • Bruno Rocchi

Bruno Rocchi

As the owner of Eagles Nest Gallery, Bruno spends most of his spare time creating new pieces of furniture using reclaimed timbers as well as lovingly restoring what were once beautiful items of furniture.  His attention to detail and fine craftsmanship […]

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  • Gayle Seach

Gayle Seach

Gayle studied Art for 4 years in the 70’s and spent 25 years as a professional designer in the publishing and textile Industries in Australia and overseas. Painting is now her main focus. After growing up in the area and now living on […]

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  • Geo Francis

Geo Francis

Geo sculpts in many mediums to interpret the world around him. Elongated feminine figures and birds in steel are favourites but limestone fantasies also evolve when he takes a break from sculpting the Moongate landscape.

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  • Jan Francis

Jan Francis

Art has opened many doors of opportunity, travel, cultural exchange and friendship for this dynamic duo. Though self-taught, both artists have achieved Signatory status at the Victorian Artists Society and an Honorary Arts Degree from the Accademia […]

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  • Bill Jackman

Bill Jackman

As a resident of the Surfcoast for a number of years, Bill draws on the local area for his inspiration.  He has been a potter and painter and, in recent times, has ventured into wood sculpture. He reclaims local timber to create wonderful sculptural […]

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  • Thom Kadera

Thom Kadera

Countless hours spent in the waves and on the beach have been the inspiration behind Thom Kadera’s paintings. Thom finds the best time to paint is just after a surf – you will probably find a wave or a surfboard in most of his paintings. […]

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  • Jenny Laidlaw

Jenny Laidlaw

Living on the Surfcoast, Jenny developed a passion for the ocean and coast and began to collect collage, reference material and inspiration for her artwork. In her finely detailed pen and ink drawing with collage material, the viewer can put […]

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  • Dianne Leslie

Dianne Leslie

Dianne is a local artist whose paintings can be described as realistic or expressionist and are often strongly textural. Some of her works include pen, pencil, acrylic and water colour. Her new work is inspired by the beautiful environment of […]

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