Artists that have exhibited

Most of the artists represented by the Eagles Nest Gallery come from the Geelong-Otway region.

The stunning beauty of the Surfcoast and outer lying areas provide inspiration to these artists who are privileged to be able to produce their works in such a tranquil environment. Being able to capture such talented people provides the gallery with a very eclectic and varied selection of artworks, including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, studio glass and handcrafted jewellery.

  • Mary Lou Pittard

Mary Lou Pittard

Mary Lou’s ceramic work represents years of refining craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Her pieces are not only beautiful to look at but functional. Food and tradition have always played a big part in her ceramic career and these features […]

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  • Darren Matthews

Darren Matthews

Darren is a self-taught artist who creates beautiful sculptural pieces from reclaimed local timbers and metal. His love of wood is reflected in his work which shows his talent at bringing out the rich textures and colours of Australian wood. […]

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  • Pat McKenzie

Pat McKenzie

Pat’s painting is greatly influenced by the beautiful surroundings of the Great Ocean Road and Otway National Park. The subject usually dictates which medium she will use, whether watercolour, pastel, pencil or oil. The Australian bush, boats, […]

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  • Beatrix Mol

Beatrix Mol

I have been creating literally my entire life, using different mediums and building on that creative expression. My artistic journey has led me around many twists and turns, overlapping and interweaving. What I’m doing now is a culmination […]

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  • Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan

Cath has been painting for several years and positively loves it. Having grown up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, recently she underwent a sea change and now lives with her family at Aireys Inlet, one of the most beautiful places on earth. […]

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  • Susan O’Brien

Susan O’Brien

My art is an expression of Victoria’s countryside and beaches. It is an attempt to capture, through colour and shapes, the vastness of our country whether it be in farming or the wide expanses of our beaches. Using colour to create moods […]

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  • Craig Penny

Craig Penny

I like to think that to paint a successful painting is not so much to have tamed the beast, rather to have been taken along for the ride and still be there at the end of the experience. For me painting is like life … giving yourself enough […]

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  • Cinnamon Stephens

Cinnamon Stephens

Cinnamon is inspired by the organic lines of our natural environment. Flora and fauna have been a recurring theme through her work for many years. More recently she has entered the ocean. She has immersed herself in the amazing world beneath […]

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  • Grace Turner

Grace Turner

Grace’s perception and interpretation of the environment has been depicted in many forms, ceramics, fibre, screen printing.  In recent times, she has been taken by the fluidity, richness of colour, transparency and tactile qualities of glass. […]

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  • Cynthia Wynhoven

Cynthia Wynhoven

Dabbling as a hobbyist for most of her life in some form of art, Cynthia began working with collage in the 80’s, first using textiles and now debris washed up on the beach below her house. Items thrown or lost overboard from shipping, fishing […]

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