It’s a Wrap!

fibre and textile sculpture by Kathy and Sam Harry



Kathy and Sam, Mother and daughter team are textile and fibre artists who are members of Geelong Sculptors and the Weaver Birds.
They have participated in many exhibitions along the surf coast.

“This exhibition is the coming together of our like minds.  In “It’s a Wrap” we explore the idea and practice of wrapping, which humans have done to protect and preserve for millennia. The act of constantly wrapping, can often induce an almost meditative state, allowing us to create without restriction and giving us the freedom of self-expression”.

Using a variety of mediums, yarns, wires, silk, and natural fibres, inspiration is taken from quiet deep forests, rolling ocean waves, earthy pigmented deserts, and swirling night skies.

Dried willow is wrapped in silky yarns to become ‘The Painted Forest’, coils of richly wrapped spheres become ‘The Night Sky’ and layers of finely wrapped wires become ‘Hippocampus’.

Please enjoy the world of wrapping.