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    72 x 92cm

    Wadda-Warrung and Gadubanud country
    Fluid Art – alcohol ink on Yupo paper

    Inspiration: The coastal
    bushland in Wadda-Warrung
    and Gadubanud country.
    (the south-western surf coast of Victoria, Australia). The bark colours and textures of the trees in this area can differ depending on the type and age of the tree, as well as the time of year. In particular, I was influenced by the more crusty and aging trees
    that, in my eyes, take on a life of their own and definitely exhibit personality.

    The approach:  In this alcohol ink on yupo paper, I tried to capture a closeup impression of the variety of ridges, scales, wrinkles, warts and fibres of native bark. Alcohol ink is a
    difficult medium to work with as there’s an element of skill and accidental effects involved. This is especially difficult if you’re aiming to give an impression, rather than just making a visual design. In my approach to ‘Bark’, there’s a balance between creating an impression and allowing the ink to flow naturally.
    The colours used are typical to Eastern Australia’s bushland – muted blues, greys and greens with various shade of browns.


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