It’s Always a Good Time to….


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58 x 50 cm

This painted over wall has words collected from my great nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. In the words of my granddaughter ‘You can paint over me but I will still be here.’  The gate that you can see through has no distinct features inside leaving it for you to imagine a place you would like to be, to stop, listen, and look.
And not just when you are crossing a road.
P.S. all paintings have a yellow butterfly in them. Yellow being the colour for hope and the butterfly for resilience and regeneration. An apt symbol for THESE TIMES.

All pieces are worked on baking paper which has been gessoed and textured to look like walls then adhered with archival glue to paste board to give some wrinkles, next I’ve used acrylics/pencils/crayons-mixed media. Some have additional pieces glued on.


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