Alberto’s passion revolves around two main pillars: art and the mountains. His journey on the arts trail began at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and continued to the European Institute of Design, where he graduated as an illustrator. Pencils have always been his tools of choice, which he often combines with colours and paint, in a mixed technique of his own making. For this reason, among fans and friends, he is known as the Graphite Man. As for the mountains, he has been an alpinist for forty years, climbing routes all over Europe. And while searching for the secrets of rock with feet and hands, he started exploring them with pencil and brush as well. So much so, that peaks and walls appear almost everywhere in his works, whether lurking in the background or revealing cracks and shadows where the gaze first lingers. When asked about his paintings, Alberto usually reveals his debt to the imaginary worlds of surrealism. Combining solid reality with either suspended atmospheres or flying sea mammals, he creates fanta-realistic landscapes that take the viewer one step beyond.