Art has always had a presence in my life, however, I took education as a career pathway, working as a primary teacher and then, as an EAL teacher (often using art to develop language). During that time, I married and had a family, but continued to sell my artwork on a regular basis. Happily, I can now focus on art fulltime.

I use several mediums – alcohol inks, inks, pens, pencils, acrylic paint and mixed media.
All hand-worked, so you’ll see texture, brush strokes, pencil work etc.
My tools include palette knives, brushes of varying textures, a hair dryer, dabbing rags etc. (yes, and very often, my fingers)

I am interested in many subjects, but Australian themed artworks are my main interest, including the indigenous names and places.
Since mid 2021, some of my Australian paintings have a smoky look and this is because I have a fascination for First Australian customs regarding smoke – as practical cool burns, ceremonial occasions or for more spiritual, intangible reasons