Minerva is an Italian born artist who moved to Anglesea, Victoria in 2018.

With a background in children’s book illustration, she has always been passionate about art
and how to balance creativity with education to inspire children.
After having her daughter Mira in 2018, Minerva continued to create and become involved in the local community.

Inspired by the ocean, and by the new creativity that motherhood brings, she launched her Mivart_Creations brand with the purpose of Bringing Illustration to Life.
Creating with her young daughter by her side was challenging, but made Minerva ponder on how she could bring her illustration from two-dimensions to 3D, making art more tangible and interesting for her daughter’s development and creativity.

“Bringing Illustration to Life has been a natural process that needed to happen in order to make art with my little one next to me. My sculptures are inspired by and designed for children, so they can experience the magic of stories in their home environment.”