Nerina draws on her influence from her many years of travel, plus the wisdom and symbolism she has studied from those countries.
Early works were created after the exploration of the arts, culture and spirituality of countries including:
Indonesia, China, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Nerina’s paintings contain an element of a space or stillness which suggests a magical, ‘alive’ dimension beyond the material, yet balanced beside this space are forms and objects of the natural world.

The use of gold and silver leaf, screen printed patterns and a haze of encaustic wax combine to create a sensitive reverence towards commonly overlooked objects including branches of gum leaves, blossom in flower or a flowing stream. The paintings are material objects that depict an image which arose from the essence and which, at their highest function, will offer the viewer a window to their own invisible essence within.

Nerina creates in her purpose built mud brick studio in Panton Hill, but feels a sense of connection with the Surf Coast after holidaying with her family in Moggs Creek since she was young. We are proud to introduce her to the gallery collection.