I love using color. At art school I was told to ‘tone my colors down,’ but now in my practice, the colors have come alive.

My final works on paper are made by printing layers of solar plate etchings. My initial drawings are placed in the sun with a photopolymer plate and etched into the plate, washed out in water, dried in the sun and then inked and printed onto paper. It is quite a time-consuming process, but the results produced capture my drawings perfectly from the natural environment.

 Much of my inspiration is collected quite close to home, from my garden and around the coastal landscape of Lorne on Victoria’s picturesque Great Ocean Road in Southern Victoria, Australia.
Both my husband and mother-in-law are the most talented gardeners. One of my favorite specimens is the Banksia, a stunning Australian native flower with many different varieties, colors, and textures. I also have many insect specimens in my collection!