Art, and in particular painting, has been a driving passion in my life since childhood.
It excites and inspires me every day.
My art has evolved over the years through many themes and ideas, including still-life, architecture and perspective, imaginary compositions and most recently, contemporary figurative portraiture.

I paint mainly in oils and egg tempera, with the occasional touch of gold!
My oil artwork focuses on various figurative compositions. I am interested in the form and texture in the artwork in contrast to my extremely detailed iconography works, where I aim to create much depth, dimensions and sense of space.
Working in these two very different artistic forms, allows me to explore a wider spectrum of the painting processes and techniques. I find painting to be a source of reflection and communication, between transcendence and the immediate environment.

My painting practices continuously evolve; as part of the ever changing world around us I am moved to create images that seize the eye, intrigue the imagination and strive to fill one with wonder.