Abstract paintings and studies

Anglesea multi disciplinarian artist Elaine d’Esterre has been creating and exhibiting for many years.
Her artwork is abstract and inspired by the natural environment.
Her first solo exhibition at the Nest is entitled AT THE EDGE
“Within my large contemporary oil paintings and their small mixed media studies  I try to combine two different feelings about how I experience the passage of time.
Firstly, the sense of timelessness and wonder – instances of time feeling as though suspended. This sense of heightened awareness combines with one where I experience time as duration – a chronology, measured series of events as I walk through the sea/landscape :
a tension between kairos and chronos.
 This preoccupation mirrors my creative process where serendipity plays a part in innovation and resolution as well as different compositional formats. In my vertical stratified composition with horizontal edges and elements I encapsulate the heightened awareness of suspended time at sunrise.
When I use a horizontal format I place vertical elements spaced throughout the composition in which I explore in stages different aspects of The Great Ocean Road littoral. “