Sculpture, paintings + jewellery by Marina Fox

“Finding connectivity and sense of place within our world, and seeing it through the eyes of birds of prey.”

A multidisciplinary artist, Marina is a jeweller of over 30 years, a sculptor of over 15 years, and more recently has started to explore the 2D world of painting, in particular watercolour on paper and board.
Alongside her art life, she works with real birds of prey and is often up close and personal with falcons, owls, goshawks and wedge tail eagles.
The title of the exhibition is a reflection of her life in both a literal sense and an emotive sense. Having this close relationship with Australian native raptors has inspired this body of work, celebrating the spirit, the beauty, and innate nature of birds of prey.

On a deeper level Marina has looked inwardly to our own impulsive and unconscious nature, our own elemental spirit, and connected the oftentimes hidden emotions of human psyche with the form of birds to express thoughts that can bubble away beneath the surface.
She uses the female form to explore the inward self that lies below, and blends them with birds as expressions of the secret internal journeys of our minds.

The jewellery, made predominantly from sterling silver and semi precious gemstones, is also based on birds of prey and are personal reminders of the spirit of connectivity which can resonate so much with our authentic self.