An exploration of the natural world, from the sky to the sea

This exhibition provides an artistic focus and classic interpretation of the beauty and detail of wildlife. To achieve the detail required to represent these magnificent subjects with integrity, Brittany uses charcoal as her medium of choice for her larger pieces and pencil and graphite for her smaller works.

As recently as 2019, Brittany branched off from a career as a graphic designer and commercial illustrator to pursue her love of fine art. Her move to focus on art is certainly the gallery’s gain as we host an exhibition that encapsulates her love of the natural world, in particular, marine life and the native flora and fauna that inhabit our coastline.

As the viewer will recognise and appreciate immediately Brittany is drawn to the subtleties and intricate details in nature that can often be overlooked providing a new and fresh perspective.

The many hours invested in creating a Brittany March original results in a unique original piece that can be cherished for a lifetime……. A true and authentic labour of love.

When asked what she hopes our gallery friends, visitors and family will feel after viewing this amazing exhibition Brittany states:

I hope people walk away with a newfound appreciation, perspective and respect for the wildlife that surrounds us.”

We are sure you will agree that the journey Brittany takes us on in her “Blue”series leaves one impacted and more the richer from the experience.