By Vivi Palegeorge

The gallery is pleased to welcome regular exhibitor at Eagles Nest award winning artist Vivi Palegeorge to her new exhibition which encapsulates works in oils and watercolours. Focussing on capturing light and mood in our natural landscapes and environment, Vivi hopes to take the viewer on a journey of peaceful contemplation and reflection.

Vivi has always been fascinated by the way that a painting can take you to a destination – a destination that can be revisited and still allow one to have a new and fresh experience. In this current exhibition the viewer will be transported to the water, sea scapes and rugged land formations that make our coastline unique and ever changing. One can witness the colours that combine and complement one another as they bring a new and fresh energy into focus at a point in time. All captured on canvas so that they can be always appreciated.

A great fan of a number of the Melbourne 20 painters – Herman Pekel and Joseph Zbukvic in particular, as well as Master painters Joachim Sorolla and John Singer Sargent – Vivi favours the use of colour and abstraction through her brushwork as her tools of trade to bring us masterpieces that will stand the test of time.