Sculpture by Brendan Merriman


Brendan is best known for his organic surf sculptures that are hand shaped from reclaimed materials sourced from the South Australian Limestone Coast, the far West Coast of Victoria as well as the Surf Coast where he resides.

Living the Life is just that; surfing as much as life will let you, whether it’s in the sunshine or the very cold months of winter.
Surfing with your mates, your children, your wife and all sorts of new found surf gurus.

The art that I create is all about Living Life to the max, enjoying life here on the coast with people you enjoy being with. Each piece reflects the enjoyment and buzz that surfing has brought me for the past 47 years.

I always hope that my work brings back memories for some and new adventures for others as they do for me as I put them together, as you look at the pieces on display I hope they bring a smile to your face and that you and your family get to Live the Life