By Peta Uthmeyer

Peta is a colourist who pays tribute to the importance of colour in bringing energy and happiness into her works. Peta provides her viewers with an insight into the power of colour and beauty in art and how these elements can manifest into a piece that is both fun and a celebration of creativity.

Whilst Peta prefers using oils on canvas as her medium, she is adept at several mediums and is driven by the freedom to create. Citing Henri Matisse as her first love Peta admits that there are many past and present artists who inspire her works but ultimately it is the ability to apply and use colour to bring a piece of art to life that. Interestingly Henri Matisse is renowned for his love of colour and it is undoubtedly the foundation of his works. Matisse himself once said that however beautiful…. it is not enough to simply put colours beside each other the colours must react to each other…. Peta’s works demonstrate and pay tribute to this understanding of the power of colour but also how colours need to relate to create form and contrast and ultimately beauty. 

Peta’s exhibition is about celebrating colour. She brings us beautiful semi abstract figurative paintings and works that bring freshness into everyday objects, at the same time keeping things pared back and simple. Peta starts with a seed of an idea and then lets each painting evolve, building up layers of paint allowing surprises to occur.