This seems like an apt name for my exhibition in this unprecedented year we have had in 2020.

A reflective surface of a pond, for example, mirrors the natural beauty of the world around and underneath there’s all sorts of alternative life happening.
Covid had had an effect on both the inner and outer human being. The inner has become at one with less activity and more time to appreciate the beauty that already exists in our mind’s eye. The outer has been using one resource already accumulated and having a new respects and love for the simpler things….the light hitting a glass vase just at the right moment, or a simple gathering of flowers from one’s own yard to admire and draw at night when all the chores are done.

My work has evolved in this time into a more inner soul life phase….just as our lives had more stillness too. I enjoy mark making with charcoal and graphite as well as using acrylic paint in my artworks. I hope you enjoy wandering around my mind’s eye and feeling refreshed. Reflective of the time we have just experienced and find gratefulness in the small things the natural world has to offer.