Mixed media paintings by Nerina Lascelles

‘Resonance’ a body of new paintings by Nerina Lascelles, invites the viewer on a journey across oscillating landscapes to connect with our luminous essence.

Waves and mist travel across the surface of these paintings illustrating the constant sound and motion of the vibrating universe, whilst encapsulating the seemingly stationary realm of form. An area of spacious light in each of these works symbolises our primordial resonance with the greater whole.

These paintings offer a visceral experience synchronizing one’s inner being and the external world. A sense of connection guided or inspired by something greater than self, while at the same time reflecting a return to home.

During this time of great external turmoil individual and collective fear may very well have reached an apex.
This series of paintings may act as Sadhanas, or objects for meditation, inviting the viewer to reconnect with the stillness that is our essence.