Sculpture and Illustrative studies by HEATHER STEWART

An experienced painter and visual artist Heather, in recent years, has been drawn to sculpture and collage for her artistic expression although she continues to draw regularly finding it to be one of her greatest pleasures.

Heather’s Semblances exhibition is aptly titled given the works are inspired by a deviance from a known appearance of something – in this case the female body.

Questioning the idea of “normal”, Heather challenges the traditional thinking of form, beauty and reality using materials such as Eucalyptus branches and painted paperclay to bring pieces to life in a sustainable and workable form.

Heather has always admired Spanish artist Pablo Picasso who she considers has shown us how to create a new model of reality without the limitations of fixed time and space. Heather states, “Picasso had such a strong and engaging aesthetic in his works and because of this he was able to present quite challenging ideas.”

In fact, Picasso himself famously once said

“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them”

In her exhibition Heather will challenge the viewer’s perception and ideals on:

What makes us human?

What is normal?

…..And how we perceive human diversity