paintings by Sally Mattner


The Scape may refer to the landscape, the cityscape or any place – even in the imagination.

This body of work looks at the Scape and sometimes IT looks at us.

It represents the intersect between local or international landscape and personal connection and introspection. It is my interpretation of that which I see around me…. on my walks, on my travels – always keeping an eye out for a view, a scene, a place, a ‘scape’ that speaks to me.

Back in the studio the work begins to capture on canvas that place, that time, that mood, that connection. Reflection on that which spoke to me in the landscape is followed by the reinterpretation of the actual scene.

The landscape listens, welcomes, reaches out, shares and connects.

It tells us about it’s mood, feelings, history or connection to place. This personification is captured also in the title of each artwork but the painting might speak to you with a different story.

I strive to capture the connection I felt with the scapes I have experienced and take the viewer into ‘The Scape’ in a unique way.