oil paintings and pastels by Jill Shalless


*Latin for vase          *boat or ship
* a container holding something           *made of glass, metal, wood, stone, clay
*empty vessel    *spiritual vessel   *vascular system

This new body of work initiated because of my love for ceramics, their form and texture. The thought behind the maker’s craft and intent peaked my curiosity with the idea of maker, artist and inspiration going full circle.

Some of the art works see vessels in the environment where they were directly inspired – others take a journey beyond this, reimagined in new locations. Some are painted purely in the traditional sense, in a traditional format, however I have extended the format of other works into multi-panels of interlocking images, broadening the scope, sense of space and place.

Metaphors are for the viewer; to pose a question, expand the concept, promoting the wondrous notion of creating and creation.
Filling the vessel.

Exhibition also features new ceramic pieces by one of Jill’s favourite vessel creators, Melinda Solly