Dr. Jeremy J Ham, a drummer and architect, has combined his passion for music and design to create a unique Musico-Spatial artistic practice. In his creative works, he transforms his drumming into Liquid Polyrhythm spatial designs using advanced parametric computer aided design processes.

To create these artworks, Jeremy performed numerous improvised drum solos on a digital drum kit. He then translated the musical data, including timing, note selection, and dynamics, into three-dimensional spatial models. Each artwork is a rendered viewpoint of 3D computer models generated from these drum solos.

The artworks exhibit various forms and patterns that reflect the dynamics of Jeremy’s drumming. Hard staccato playing creates jagged ridges, while more controlled performances result in gentle flowing forms. The 3D models are further manipulated by adjusting spatial parameters, assigning materials and colors, and modifying translucency and reflection.

Jeremy explores the models to discover interesting viewpoints, whether from inside, around, or above the model, and overlays multiple drum solos to enhance the complexity of the artworks.
The resulting Liquid Polyrhythm prints showcase folding and curving forms that have perspectival depth, translucency and reflection.

The name Liquid Polyrhythm captures the transformation of polyrhythmic drumming into spectacular liquid imagery. Jeremy’s aim is to provide new insights and appreciation for the intricacy and aesthetics of drumming through this unique new form of art.

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