Making art occupies much of my life and provides me with great satisfaction, that it can convey something to others is a genuine source of happiness. In teaching this same joy and reverence comes all the while sharing the challenge of depicting our world.

I work in oils and pastels, producing realist depictions of a variety of subjects. I have been fortunate to maintain an art practice most of my life: when living in England and here at home, whilst raising a young family and now.

I was owner of art@wintergarden studio/gallery from 2004 to 2017 providing me with a fabulous studio space from which to work, teach, and exhibit. Running an annual program of 12 exhibitions a year with a strong local focus.

More recently I have concentrated on my own art practice and teaching schedule.

Success has been achieved in several arenas including thirteen solo exhibitions and participation in many shows both in Australia and the U.K.