Peter is a very well known Australian impressionist painter in oils on canvas.
He has an uncanny skill to capture the rapidly changing light, and to expertly represent specific spots along our Surf Coast
from Anglesea to Port Campbell.
Proudly noted as one of the Melbourne 20, a prestigious institution that only accepts the best of the best in Victoria

Peter is constantly inspired by the changing light along our magnificent coastline, and we are very fortunate to have formed a
relationship that allows our gallery to be the sole exhibition space for him to exhibit his beach-scapes.

Peter now teaches painting full time, but always finds time to feed his passion to paint!
Please contact us if you wish to commission Peter to paint a specific place, and we can arrange a site meeting.

Please also note that the measurements given in the painting descriptions are of the artwork only.
Each artwork is matted in off white and framed in a dark timber frame.