By Dianne Leslie

Dianne has been a great friend of the gallery for many years. In this exhibition she uses acrylic, pencil, crayons and multi-media. She starts with crinkled baking paper which is gessoed and adhered to board using archival glue, the surfaces for her artwork result in a textural background upon which she brings her compositions to life.

Each artwork has a beautiful story to accompany it so please click on the images for more information

These paintings are influenced by the current global pandemic and the way creative expression can convey optimism, beauty, hope and capture a moment in time. 2020 is certainly the year that we have all had to confront a new reality and Dianne has found her passion for drawing, painting and creative expression has never been more important, providing us with a diverse display of works that engage and invite one to explore what it means to them at this time.