Boodjera Mereny Ngardanginy – Desert Food Hunting


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    75 x 65cm

    acrylic on canvas


    My design entry is titled “Boodjera Mereny Ngardanginy” meaning “Desert food hunting” in my Noongar language. The design is a representation of our Elders and our people coming together and hunting for food in the desert country of our lands.

    In the centre of the design there are four gathering circles. Where three Elders have come together in a central location to go hunting using four traditional weapons being the Miro (woomera-spear thrower), Kitj (Spear), Boorndoon (Long Straight Spear) and Kilee (Hunting Boomerang).

    The three Aboriginal Elders have then journeyed out into Country and using their song lines to hunt for food to feed their family’s/mob and community/clans.



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