Rock Ledge


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    62 x 62cm

    acrylic paint, ink, charcoal and watercolour pencils.


    Inspiration: Australian
    environment, particularly emerging of many images from Western Victoria, such as scenes from Gariwerd, (The Grampians).

    Approach: I often paint in bright colours because they appeal to me. In fact, the colour palette, plus the style and ambience are important elements to my art (even more important than the setting). When I paint in earthy, subdued colours, it’s more difficult for me to bring a scene to life. Living in the south-west of Victoria, I’m surrounded by more subtle and muted colours. So, despite my love of the local scenery and decades of collected memories, the colours and light can be more challenging for me to represent. ‘Rock Ledge’ has been painted in mainly greys, browns, blues and creams, but I exaggerated or separated ‘smaller’ colours that might occur fleetingly through light, or when viewed up close. I also tried to include my intangible impressions via movement and other techniques.


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