Fiery Sunset


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    95 x 80cm
    Wildflower Season Series
    Gunditjmara and Gariwerd country.

    This painting is influenced by my imagination and a mix of memories and images from areas of south-western Victoria, particularly at sunset.
    In ‘Firey Sunset’ there are hints of spiny leaf rock wattles, pale sundews and love creepers in the spaces between the tree trunks and branches. I’ve used mainly shades of purple, burgundy, rust, orange, yellow, black and white to create this mixed media artwork (acrylics, inks and charcoal). My tools are brushes, fingers and dabbing rags.

    The style is semi-abstracted and contemporary and it has a lyrical and atmospheric feel.

    I like to convey a message that our environment connects with all parts of itself, in harmony and balance. My aim is to create a landscape that tells me a story as I paint and speaks to those who view it, too.


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