Ocean’s Strength 3


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    140 x 150cm

    acrylic and posca paint pens on canvas


    The first Ocean’s Strength was a commissioned piece for a friend who lives near Airey’s Inlet. I loved all my moments in that artwork, that I kept painting them. Each one reminding me of the beauty and strength of our Oceans (Lienna wuttya) and all that lives in it and around it.  This is the 3rd one of the 6 series set. It has all the connections of water droplets linking with all life, shells, trees, coral, star fish, plants and flowers. We are all connected to one another in some form and this painting has connecting symbols through it. I still feel the connection of my Ancestors living by the Ocean. The stories told to us about how to respect and care for it I carry within me and put into the paintings.

    This painting was on loan, on the wall of a prominent Aboriginal Medical Centre so all who walked past would feel that peace the Ocean gives us. The past has no been kind to some people and sickness comes to everyone. So, my hope was to give community a sense of healing and take their minds of any traumas.

    My new hope is that this painting gives you and all yours the Strength and Peace in your life and reminds you of the Healing power of our Oceans.


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