Standing at Patchwork Trees 3


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    120 x 50cm

    acrylic and posca paint pens on canvas – unframed

    This is the third Patchwork tree art in the series. The painting shows the beautiful poorah nah (bark) as it is changed by weather and creatures.  Always showing beautiful patterns and designs and, at times covered with leaves, webs, moss and various natural wonders. Traditionally, my Ancestors used the bark and wood when in the bush to light their two fires. One to cook on and one to sleep on. (of course, after it cooled!) Many stories are told of our relationship with trees.  I honour and respect the ways they cared for and protected trees by painting them. Always remembering what they do for us.

    Hopefully, this painting extends your love of trees, and it reminds you to stop and stand with trees.


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