Turtle Dreaming


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    50 x 125cm

    acrylic on canvas – unframed

    Turtles are gliding through the water, resting with the motion of water flow they created from their paddle like feet. It is a long journey for them to possibly  the same places. Only they know where they are going! Are they off to nest eggs, source the best food or just enjoy the sunshine at the top of the waterline?

    This painting, however, shows the Turtles on their long journeys, but they realise they can go left instead of right! Many Aboriginal people have witnessed the Turtles dreaming left. My Elder Aunty confirmed that she sees their new dreaming decisions of the turtles as they crawl onto her shorelines. They are the dreaming Turtles who are awake and free to explore the beautiful Oceans.

    My hope is that you have this painting to inspire you all to turn left and find new and exciting pathways that give you joy, happiness and peace.


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