Turtles Living in the Ocean 3


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    122 x 92cm

    acrylic and posca paint pens on canvas


    The Turtles within this painting are real in our living life and our spiritual life. We can imagine them swimming together as a family and our minds swimming with them. Often, we are with all the wonderful creatures in their worlds and we record that in song, dance, artwork and now written languages.  We learn from the Turtles and their way of life. The artwork is designed to show how the inhabitants all successfully live together underwater in their loa maggalangta (deep water) There is Wattah (shellfish), Warinyer (mussels) muton fish (abalone) and mober ley (plenty) of fish and creatures in it. When I spoke with one of my Aunties’ recently, she said the Victorian Turtles were visiting her shorelines in Parrdarrma Pungenna.

    My hope is that you have this painting to inspire, remind and increase awareness of our beautiful underwater world and that you protect it as we do in Our Culture.


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