Ocean’s Strength 5


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    155 x 160cm

    acrylic and posca paint pens on canvas – unframed

    The Ancestors walked the beaches in search of shells, wood and interesting objects.
    Often my Grandparents hid their belongings in the sand for a future date of return.
    This practise reminds me to look at the sand as not just a source of fun and enjoyment, but a historic place where treasure may still be, forgotten.

    The Ocean for us is a beautiful connection to our souls. We look and learn and let the water heal, protect and teach us.
    Within it is the most magical place of wonder.
    I have painted this as a Series of 6 and this is the 5th painting.  Each painting has new collections of shells, twigs, water symbols, drops of water, rocks and items that are encompassed by our symbols.

    My hope is that this painting is not only an enjoyment for you but reminds you and your community on your beach walks that: there is more to the beach than sand and we can learn so much from the Ocean.
    It will protect you and all your families when we respect and care for it.”


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