Underwater Garden 1


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    100 x 100cm

    acrylic and posca paint pens


    This is the 1st of a series of life in the Ocean (Lienna wuttya). Within this painting, there are living creatures, kaa-ana (shells), layanunea (seahorse), lerunna (flounder), pudca (fish) and many more all living in and around the water.  As a young child I was taught by my family, from their elders to stand in the Ocean and watch. We watched for crabs, shells, turtles, movement, beauty and what ever we could find. We did not always take from the Ocean, but we looked and learnt. The artwork design on this painting shows the underwater gardens that we observed with their inhabitants. There are also Aboriginal connecting symbols that link the water to the land.

    My hope is that this artwork inspires and reminds you the beauty and creations of life within the Ocean. That you enjoy all parts of the Ocean and Beach life and remember to stand still and look down into the life underneath you.



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