Ocean’s Strength 7


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    91 x 92cm

    acrylic and posca paint pens on canvas

    Our Oceans (Lienna wuttya) is a major part of all our lives.  They provide us with, food, oxygen, enjoyment, pets, medicine and we find Strength in them.
    Oceans give us numerous experiences of swimming, meditation, relaxation and stories.
    Traditionally, my Elder’s lived by the Seas, Oceans and the Rivers. They would swim all day as children in the waters and then catch fish at selected times. They only caught animals and sea creatures as they needed to eat or get by in life.
    Many stories were given to me to store in my mind and now I realise they were gifted for me to record onto paper and canvas.

    One such story from my dad is: himself and his friends all meeting after school to catch food for their families. He grew up with limited money and opportunities, so they caught fish to lessen the burden. Sometimes they would trade their fish with adults. They did this with possums too. This painting represents my family’s connection to the Ocean and learning for many hours at a time about all the sea creatures and their habits. Some of the best fish caught by my Elders’ was from patience and understanding of the patterns of the fish and the Ocean.

    For the beautiful person who purchases this painting, I hope that you are reminded of the stories of the Ocean and Waterways.
    And that you continue to care for and protect the Ocean and all that is involved with it.


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