Turtles living in the Ocean 1


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    120 x 90cm

    acrylic and posca paint pens – unframed

     Turtles are a part of our Culture all around Australia. For my Ancestors, reptiles, insects and animals were with us in the physical and spiritual worlds.
    There are many species of Turtles and within my home state
    that native born and those that were bought into the state. In our Culture we don’t argue over what species is in what state, we just embrace and protect what is with us now.

    For me, I had a Turtle gifted to me by my youngest son when he was about 10. I lived with Scruffy the Turtle for ten years and learnt from his calm behaviour. He was the best house guest that I’ve ever had!! He is one of the larger Turtles n this painting.

    The painting shows the Turtles with our language on them. They carry the message of the Ocean on their backs. Each symbol connects us to know their stories of travel and family. There are also, Pudca (fish) Layanunea (seahorse), and Liena Puna (eggs) with them in the underwater world.  

    My hope is that this painting is not only an enjoyment for you but reminds you of the beauty of the Oceans. That we can protect, care for and bring into our homes so we are in connection with all our world.


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