Award winning Otway artist, Alison works in a variety of media, which gives her great scope to fully explore themes and ideas.
Working in such a range of media provides a kaleidoscope of rich colours, with fabrics, inks and oil paints just some of the tools she uses to fully explore new subject matter.
Printmaking has always been a great love as it allows a freedom of line, texture and contrasts. It is often a starting point for a range of work  which will continue on with oil painting and in some cases even into three dimensional work with textiles.

Alison’s work is about her environment, both the people and the landscape. …. living in and around the Otways there is a constant source of inspiration.

Her painting method is best described as layer upon layer of glazes of rich colours, sometimes taking months to create.
I have always loved the effect of stained glass and in some ways some of the depth of colours combined with the translucent quality of the paint surface is an acknowledgement of this.